About the Club

The club is composed of informal wine drinkers, mainly wines of the Languedoc. The objective is to make available at best cost and quality the wonderful variety and styles of Southern French wines. This region has become one of the world's most interesting and innovative wine making areas with a huge range of quality wines at good price. This year, wines will also be sourced from the Catalan area of Spain, an area historically allied to France through grape varieties and now quality.

By participating, the member can experience these tastes and at the same time support progressive private small producers in the region. The wines are exclusive to the Club.

The process of supplier selection involves the members. Everyone is invited to participate, contact me for further information.

Lastly, it is not really a club. It is an exercise in co-operative buying. The strength is in the numbers. The price is dependent on your involvement.

Club Conditions
   » Minimum purchase of 2 boxes (6 bottles per box) up to any number you wish
   » You must order and pay in advance of delivery
Orders are on a per box basis other then certain expensive wines which are either sold in 2 bottle or single lots and Magnums which are sold per bottle. Order size and price is clearly shown on the wine page.

Payment Methods
   » online transfer or
   » cheque

The objective is to provide you with wines that you enjoy. If there are any complaints, please contact me so I can rectify the matter. There is no loss to me as I will be recompensed by the supplier when in France. I will also buy back anything that you do not like, or make a suitable swop if I can offer one.

New Members
For new members, if you would like to sample up to 12 different bottles, please contact me, as your order cannot be processed through the online ordering system.

The Small Print
I hold an import and wholesale license, and all duties and VAT are paid to the Revenue Commissioners.